A day out in Donegal

October 6 2018

We had a really busy day collecting the stories on the 6th.

Starting at Doon Rock early in the morning, with the clear morning air and the stunning autumn colours meant we began on a high note.

One of the things that I love the most about being in Ireland is walking in the footsteps of our ancestors – whether it’s the generation above me or hundreds of years previous. I feel their presence in my bone marrow, I guess you could say in my DNA.

The water in the Holy Wells is imbued with the same wairua, the same spirit – connecting me to them through the life force, the mauri.

Highlights this day included walking some of Saint Colmcille’s journey, his birthplace at Gartan and his place of learning at Kilmacrennan.

Doherty Keep and the Grianán both make my heart beat faster.

In the strange times of 2020, it is a deep and abiding comfort to recall these ancestral places.


What’s in a name

Walking to Donegal is the name of the journey that takes us back to our place of origin.

For us, and those who belong to us, that place is Donegal.

It’s become a quest, a pilgrimage, a hīkoi from this land of Aotearoa-New Zealand to Donegal, Ireland.

We are not alone, this is a clan journey. For Our Inheritance.

Whether it’s Donegal, or someplace else, the journey to find ourselves – who we are, where we are from, why we are as we are – this is the Human Journey.