A cuppa and a chit-chat

We couldn’t leave New Zealand without first going to visit Bernard and Elizabeth at their grave site.

We think of it as having a cup of tea with them. Like we are just popping in for a quick catch up.

This day the Kaka were with us and it felt like a good sign.



2 thoughts on “A cuppa and a chit-chat

  1. Hi Jack and Sarah,

    I am the person responsible for putting the flowers on the Doherty grave .From memory when my husband Frank and I were visiting the North Island last year.I seemed to be on a campaign to add a little colour to all the family graves .At that time Frank and I were living in Invercargill but have since moved back to the North Island after 30 years down south.So have more chance of visiting family graves.Did you realise that Aunty Pat Doherty is also buried in that grave even though her name does not appear on the headstone.As a family group maybe we could all look at contributing to having the grave cleaned and tidied up and get Aunty Pat’s name included on the headstone?Very much enjoying the story of your journey and wish you well .Kind Regards Marguerite Blake


    1. Hi Marguerite, so lovely to hear from you. Jack and I are so pleased to know who the mystery (to us) visitor was. We wondered about Pat and whether she was buried there or not. Jack never met her, did you? We’ll be in touch about connecting up when we are back in New Zealand.


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